We are passionate about building world-class biotechnology companies

We support diversity and equity in the teams we build.

Our team consists of experienced entrepreneurs with a deep knowledge of scientific research, product development, and business development to help position your breakthrough science for success.

We put our insight, experience, and expertise to work in helping you to achieve your goals. Our passion is your power.

Investment Professionals

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Finance & Operations

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Our operating partners leverage their years of experience to identify new investment and company-building opportunities. They support our portfolio companies by providing executive management and scientific oversight to enhance our company’s odds of success.

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Our clinical and scientific advisors provide critical technology and product development insights. They provide critical input into preclinical research, clinical trial design, and the strategies necessary to navigate the regulatory process.

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Our senior advisors provide our companies invaluable domain expertise. They offer guidance on team building, international expansion, financing, commercialization, and mergers and acquisitions.

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Bruce L.A. Carter, PhD

Independent Director & Chairman

Kevin Chow, PhD

Chief Business Officer

Ian A.W. Howes

Chief Financial Officer and Director

Sundar Kodiyalam

Independent Director

Thong Q. Le

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Kendall M. Mohler, PhD

Chief Development Officer

Eugene Yeo, PhD, MBA

Independent Director

Our results are your successes.

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